Snail Shaped Bite Resistant Dog Toy

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Why do pets need toys?

  • 1. Uneasy sleep at home alone
  • 2. The owner is away from home and there is no one to accompany
  • 3. Dogs love to tear down their homes, destroy furniture mess
  • 4. Shouting to disturb the neighbor
  • 5. Toys are not bite-resistant and perishable?
  • 6. Dogs have grouper teeth


    • 1. Strengthen the ligament---Soft corn kernels, deep teeth cleaning--The connecting part is made of high-quality thickened wick plush reinforced ligament, which is very tear-resistant and tear-resistant. The outer layer is shaped with corn kernels to help the dog deep clean teeth.
    • 2. Natural rubber ball--- Bite-resistant molars, improve bad breath--The use of one-piece natural rubber safety material, surface thread design to prevent slipping, bite resistance, molar grinding, and massage gums, natural vanilla smell, effectively improve bad breath.
    • 3, inside doll cotton filling---Avoid bumping and injury of upper and lower teeth--It is filled with high-quality doll cotton, and at the same time quickly recovers from the bouncing to the original state.
    • 4, there is a sound device inside---Moderate tones, no worries--The vocal design returns to the nature of the dog. The excitement of the screams of prey when catching it is easy to attract dogs to play.

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