Semi-Closed Dog Cat Sleeping Pad

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This semi-closed pet house is a cute, beautiful, perfect match to various home environments and a sleeping bed for kittens and puppies to play on. 

We use super soft and smooth material to care for your pets' skin, giving your pet the perfect palce to snooze on with maximum sense of security.

Let your pet sink into a place full of relaxation to sleep, away from fatigue and stress.

  • Reversible cushion - Provide maximum comfort and warmth to your furry friend while the cushion will return to its original shape even after a long time of heavy pressure.

  • Closed Design - The closed design of the cat house can create a good sleeping environment for your pet. Allow your cat to enjoy his/her life by owning a dedicated shelter.

  • Easy to wash - Made of washable polyester material. Detachable fillings, could be removed if cleaning is required.

Our Materials:

  • Skin-friendly
  • Soft Comfortable
  • Semi-Closed, Deep Sleep

Size Instruction:

  • M: 70 cm * 50 cm * 10 cm
  • L: 100 cm * 70 cm * 12 cm